2014 Nationals

  National Preregistration

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Pre-registation Form



For Groups, please register each player individually

Pre-register and get a free booster pack at the tournament!!


Basic Info:



City:         State: Zip:

Phone:    Birthdate: 



Are you coming with a group?    yes    no

If yes, how many in group?   how many are non-players?

Group Leader:



1st category of Sealed & Booster are $15, all others are $10.

2nd and 3rd category are 1/2 price.

All fees are payable at the tournament.


       Booster Draft   

       Type 2 Multiplayer


       Type 1 - 2 player 

       Type 2 - 2 player

       Type A - 2 player  


       Type 1 Multiplayer 

        Sealed Deck


must be 12 or younger with no national ranking points to play in Type A

Overnight Lodging?

  I will be booking a room at the Official Hotel for myself and/or my group
   I will be booking a room at the Official Hotel and would be interested in having roommates to help reduce the cost
I would like to room with someone that has booked a room at the Official Hotel to help reduce cost
I will be staying for free at the Church and will make my own arrangements for Saturday night
  I will be making my own arrangements for the whole weekend


Other Activities:  Check all that apply

   Iron Man



Other Items:  Check all that apply

   I have a non player in my family that would like to help with things like registration, set-up, etc
   I will be flying into the Rochester Airport and would like transportation to the hotel
   I would like to provide transportation between locations (ie:  hotel/church/airport)









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