Below is the text of the letter from Rob regarding the Red Dragon play-test card

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January 20, 2002


      You are the owner of an authentic Redemption® play-test card! The Red Dragon play-test card was created in 1994 and used by Rob Anderson and his play-testers to develop Redemption's very first card series!

      The Original Series was released in the summer of 1995. The series was first printed in a Limited Edition format of 164 cards with over 15 million cards printed. The original series was printed again in 1995 in an unlimited format of 168 cards with over 15 million cards printed.

      The Red Dragon card was released as a rare card (1 per 45 packs) in the Original Series. The card design remained unchanged from the play-test form to its final form. It was printed in both the Limited and Unlimited formats. Fantasy artist Mark Poole was commissioned to do its artwork.

      Upon release the Red Dragon was an instant hit. With its 10/10 abilities that were only equaled by four other cards in the set the Red Dragon's power was rarely matched. This made the Red Dragon a staple in any deck that played the Crimson brigade. The Red Dragon remained a dominate, evil character through the release of both the Prophets and Women of the Bible series. It was not until the release of the Warriors Series when a newer, more agile and powerful Red Dragon was released that the older 10/10 began to lose dominance. Although the 10/10 Red Dragon makes fewer and fewer appearances in games these days, it is hard to think of Redemption® without thinking of the Red Dragon.

      This document verifies that the play-test card you have purchased is indeed an original play-test card used in the making of the first series in the Redemption® Trading Card Game.


Rob Anderson

Redemption ® Creator

Covenant Games Online