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Here you see a picture of an original Red Dragon play-test card. In the frame is the play-test card that was used to help create Redemption before its release in 1995 as well as the Red Dragon card that was released as part of the set. Next to the frame is a copy of a letter from Rob Anderson describing the creation of the card and game as well as a statement of authenticity for the card.


This is a set of the original 10 Artifact play-test cards that were used to test the concept of Artifacts before they were first introduced in the Warriors expansion set. Included in the set are the 8 Artifacts that were included in the set as well as 2 that didn't make the cut.


The 2 Artifacts that never made it to press were:

Idol of Merodach - Holder's Evil Character gains initiative upon entering battle until holder plays an enhancement.

Head of Dagon - All of Holder's Evil Characters gain 2/4 while this card is in play.

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