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It is the policy of Covenant Games to protect the privacy and security of our customers. Covenant Games will never, under any circumstances, disclose personal information. This information includes but is not limited to: your name,  address, phone number, credit card number, e-mail or any other information about you.

Covenant Games only uses personal information from you to process orders, and, when deemed necessary, to verify the validity of the purchase. If we should ever encounter any problems with an order, we will contact you.

Covenant Games will not send unsolicited offers or other unwanted e-mails to you, or abuse use of stored e-mail addresses in any way. However, Covenant Games will, for your convenience, use the supplied contact e-mail address to notify you of your shipment tracking information.

Covenant Games will retain information about customers as deemed necessary for business purposes and as required by government regulation. For example, Covenant Games will retain information about packages, including names and addresses, so that we can provide proof of delivery information and to process claim requests. We carefully dispose of records and delete information when retention periods expire.  CG

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