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Archangels : The Saga is a powerful tale of four angels who are sent by God to help prevent a young man from committing suicide. The gripping nine issue series on spiritual warfare centers around the life of a high school senior who's friends are tragically killed in an automobile accident. Justin Griffin begins to question his destiny and embarks on a life journey to find the answers he so desperately needs. Will he face his own demise or will he choose God's greatest gift of all . . . SALVATION.

ARCHANGELS : THE FALL is a fictional illustrated comic novel trilogy about the fall of heaven's host. The storyline (trilogy) will be told from the perspective of the archangel Michael. He will visit three separate memories or flashbacks. The reader will be witness to Lucifer’s fall from grace. Michael is troubled by the introduction of SIN into the eternal cosmos. This concept is something the angels had never fathomed… separation from God.

CROSS CULTURE COMICS:  Brings you high quality graphic novels presenting Biblical figures like Daniel.

OLD TIME STORIES:  The story follows Andy Baxter, a normal kid from a Christian middle-class family.   Andy’s dad tells stories from the bible of Israel’s early Kings and the reader is whisked away into a time of great danger and high adventure.  The main story follows Andy as he deals with real life situations.  Justice Avenger, Andy’s comic book hero, explodes onto the pages in very entertaining segments offering a sharp contrast between the heroes of the Bible and the type of characters seen as "heroes" by a typical young person

The Fall, Book 1 The Fall, Book 2 The Fall, Book 3

The Fall complete set , Book 1, 2, & 3 - $13.50



Archangels, the Saga, Book 1-9



The Saga, Book 1


The Saga, Book 2


The Saga, Book 3 


The Saga, Book 4


The Saga, Book 5 


The Saga, Book 6


The Saga, Book 7


The Saga, Book 8 


The Saga, Book 9


Archangels: The Saga Book 1-9 complete set  $40.50

Individual Archangels: The Saga Comics

Choose Issue :

  $4.50 each  

note: issues 1 & 9 only available in complete set





Cross Culture Comics
Daniel Prophet of Dreams

Adapted faithfully from the Biblical Book of Daniel in a fun cartoony style, DANIEL is a wonderful title for readers of all ages


Daniel Prophet of Dreams - $7.99




Old Time Stories

Andy’s imagination kicks into high gear as the reader sees biblical stories through the boy’s amazing imagination.

Andy:  The Rise of David Book 1 - $9.99

Andy:  The Rise of David Book 2 - $9.99










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