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Redemption Tins



10th Anniversary Limited Edition Collectors Tin (while supplies last - 2 left)

The limited edition collectors tin contains the 10th Anniversary starter deck plus rare or ultra rare cards from the Apostles and Patriarchs set!!



10th Anniversary limited edition collectors tin  (OOP, limited supply) - $14.99 Plus Shipping


Redemption Starter Decks

Everything a beginning Redemption player needs.

Each deck contains 2 prebuilt decks and a rulebook.




1st, 2nd Edition Redemption Starter Decks


We now have limited stock of both the Original 1st Edition Starter Decks, the 2nd Edition Starter Decks,  These Factory sealed items are very hard to find and are a must for any collector of Redemption cards. 

1st Edition Starter Deck (OOP, limited supply)- $20.00 Plus Shipping
2nd Edition Starter Deck (OOP, limited supply)- $30.00 Plus Shipping

Redemption Cards by the Pack

The Prophets Redemption® Expansion SetThe Apostles Redemption® Expansion SetThe Patriarchs Redemption® Expansion SetThe Kings Redemption® Expansion SetThe Angel Wars Redemption® Expansion SetThe Priests Redemption® Expansion Set

Redemption by the Pack
Currently there are 8 different booster expansion sets available for Redemption. Redemption is the only collectable card game where all the sets are tournament legal. Build your tournament winning deck today.

 Prophets Booster Pack (OOP, limited supply) - $2.00 Plus Shipping
 Women Booster Pack (OOP, limited supply)- $4.00 Plus Shipping
 Apostles Booster Pack - $2.00 Plus Shipping
 Patriarchs Booster Pack - $2.00 Plus Shipping

 Kings Booster Pack - $2.00 Plus Shipping

 Angel Wars Booster Pack - $2.00 Plus Shipping

 Priests Booster Pack - $2.00 Plus Shipping



Redemption Packs By The Box (save 10%)


Combo 2     

Save on Box Pricing - All Box prices are 10% off of Retail Redemption Booster boxes There are 45 packs in a box.
Redemption Combo Booster boxes
Don't want to get a whole box of 1 set? No problem. Now you can get 2 boxes and get packs from 6 sets. Combo 2 contains 15 packs each from the Patriarchs, Kings, and Angel Wars Sets.

Apostles Booster Box (45 packs - $80.00 FREE Shipping)

Patriarchs Booster Box (45 packs - $80.00 FREE Shipping)
Kings Booster Box (45 packs - $80.00 FREE Shipping)
Angel Wars Booster Box (45 packs - $80.00 FREE Shipping)
Priests Booster Box (45 packs - $80.00 FREE Shipping)
Combo 2 Booster Box (45 packs - $80.00 FREE Shipping)




Redemption Collectible Items

(must haves for the Redemption collector)




Original Art Cards used for Redemption cards
Jamison Collector Card Set

In 1993, Jamison Publishing created 3 sets of Collector Art cards 2 years before the release of the Redemption Card Game. Each 19 card set was printed on high quality card stock and contained all original pieces of art.

These images were later licensed by Cactus Game Design for use in the Redemption CCG. Now you can get all 3 sets (Images of Jesus, David & Goliath, Supernatural Images) still sealed collector boxes for only $11.


 Jamison Collector Card Set - includes all 3 Sets of 19 Art Cards




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